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Are you ready for extraordinary living?

We partner with you to put life's puzzle pieces in place.

We are all equipped with uniqueness, energy, and the potential for growth. Here at Training with Marta, we are prepared to help you thrive in each of these areas.

We provide interactive programs to provide you with strategies, definitions and techniques that will help you reach your full potential.

Our services are for you if you are seeking:

  • Tools to navigate your trauma

  • Strategies for stress prevention

  • Techniques for managing trust issues

For individuals: Our 60-minute sessions are ideal for those who want to begin exploring ways to effect actual change in their lives.

For organizations: We provide lively presentations that we can adapt for your next digital conference or event.

About Marta



Trauma specialist 

Author and coach

Marta has 40 years of experience as a trainer, speaker, and trauma specialist. As the author of Reclaiming Extraordinary Living: Trauma Recovery-- Heal and Thrive, she works with young people, adults, and organizations to help them overcome stumbling blocks toward success.


  • Bachelor's in Human Behavior 

  • Masters in Law Enforcement

  • Juvenile Justice adminstration

  • 400 hours of training in trauma recovery

Keynote speaking

General sessions

Empowerment coaching

Training and workshops

Expert insight for media inquiries


Note: Complimentary trauma assessments, one-sheets, and downloadable guides available upon request.


Begin your journey toward extraordinary living.

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