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"Stress Prevention" What Precedes It - part 1

TIPS to TAKE YOU to the TOP!


For a few weeks I'm delving into the issue of stress.


We'll explore "how to live a stress free life".

We are not going to manage stress or

eliminate it after it enters your life.

It is truly possible to live stress free!


Many people use the terms 

good stress & bad stress.

To me that would be the same as

talking about good & bad poison.

Poison is bad and so is stress,


Before we talk about stress

we have to talk about tension.


I define tension as:

events of living represented by both the positive & negative;

interests, excitement, enjoyment, pleasure;

problems, disagreements, pain, inactivity.

We actually need tension in our lives.

Picture yourself on the tightrope above.

Too little tension & the rope sags. You fall off.

Too much tension & the rope breaks. You fall off.

The right amount of tension allows you to get from point A to B.


Too little tension is boredom which saps energy & gets one stuck.

Too much tension & & stress develops.

Next week - "Stress is a Marble" &

I'll teach you how to spin stress away before it starts.

My floor. I'll step back on next week.


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