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"Stress Prevention" Marbles - part 2

TIPS to TAKE YOU to the TOP!


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Remember last week - we want tension in our lives.

Too little spice & a meal is blah, we don't want to eat it.

Too much spice & it's overpowering & we can't eat it.

The right amount & the meal is wonderful.


I've heard people say there's good stress & bad stress.

To me that's the equivalent of good poison, bad poison.

Poison is bad & so it stress.

Tension is good & what people mean by good stress.

I defined tensions last week as:

     "events of living represented by both positive & negative".


Everyone knows it wasn't the pyramid that

broke the camel's back. It was the last straw.


Now picture tensions as marbles.

Think of your life as a glass filled

to the 1/2 way mark with water

(we are 90% water after all).


The water level rises with each marble

(positive & negative) that drops in until you reach OVERFLOW!

The last marble creates STRESS, defined as "the feeling - 

mentally, physically & emotionally - of being overwhelmed".


Now that we have defined stress & learned what creates it,

next week the Elevator will stop at the floor that provides

you with skills to prevent overflow from occuring.

I'll teach you how to spin stress away before it starts.


I have again arrived at my floor. Got to go. Bye until next week. Marta

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