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"Stress Prevention" FLOW - part 3

TIPS to TAKE YOU to the TOP!


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©2016 Training with Marta/Marta Varee Pearson


Refresher from last week:


The water level rises with each marble

(positive & negative events) that drops

into your life until you reach OVERLOW

which equals STRESS!


The last marble creates STRESS which we define as the

"feeling - mentally, physically and/or emotionally - overwhelmed".


   Now for the skills to prevent overflow from occuring.

   A. As a Marble/Event drops into life IMMEDIATELY

       evaluate it to determine - "can I do something about this"?

   B. When yes, flow the Marble/Event away.

   C. When no, leave it for now & NEVER worry about it because

            worry is another Marble & that's never to your benefit.


So, Marble 1 = hours cut back at work means less income. Leave it for now.

      Marble 2 = car won't run. Marble 1 says can't do anything about car.

      Marble 3 = how to get to work? Carpool. Marble flows out.

      Marble 4 = people love your baking. Put up a sign, bake cakes, $ for car.

                        Marbles 2 and 1 now flow out.

      Marble 5 = in-laws coming for dinner. Serve hotdogs & beans. 5 Flows.

                        they are coming to see the grandkids not for a gourmet meal.

      Marble 6 = Child with a cold. Marble 7 = You have a headache.

                        Handle both by giving child meds & let them watch a video;

                        You take something for headache & take a nap next to child

      Marble 8 = You break a platter. You never liked it anyway. Let it FLOW!

All major Events may be thought of as BOULDERS.

Picture that every boulder can be broken down into manageable Marbles.


        There's the bell signaling my floor. Next week's floor - JOY! Marta

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