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A few words on using "Elevators"

TIPS to TAKE YOU to the TOP!


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Please forward/share the website & Elevators with others you know so they'll grow right along with you. 

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I use the words:

Definition, Concept, Skills, Strategy, Technique & Tool

over & over again.

They are words I use to manage my life on a daily basis.

They are really what the Elevators are about.

The following is provided to enhance your abilities in using Elevators.

We'll start with the dictionary definitions then move to my definitions (where different)

and how to put them into action.

Definition - The meaning or significance of a word.

Concept   - An idea formed by combining number of simpler elements.

Skill       - Ability, coming from knowledge, practice, aptitude, etc. to do something well.

Strategy  - Plan, method or series of maneuvers for obtaining a specific goal or result.

Technique - Applying procedures or methods to effect desired results.


I have bolded the words in the dictionary definitions that best defines the words for me.

The exception is Definition itself.

I define Definition as: A roadmap or blueprint that allows us to function together

in a healthy, efficient & productive manner.


It is not the meaning or significance of a word that is important.

It is that a roadmap puts us together on the same trail as we journey preventing chaos.

It is that we build our interactions using a blueprint that we're each aware of whether for

an hour meeting, a 6-week planning committee, as co-workers or friends

or during a lifetime as spouses or parents.


With an open heart I provide:

  • DEFINITIONS & CONCEPTS - developed over a more than 35 year period.

  • SKILLS & TOOLS - developed & refined then tested by many varifying that they work.

  • STRATEGIES & TECHNIQUES - that have proven successful in almost all situations.

I use them every day as

"guides to putting life's puzzle pieces in place".

It's not magic although the results can appear to be magical, truely.

It's not easy though it is simple.

Ride with me and be sure to let me know how you are doing.

Stepping off until later. I plan to make this week a GREAT one! Marta

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