Stress is a Marble  - Spin It Your Way

Stress doesn't just suddenly appear.

There are cumulative events that lead to stress.

And talking about 'good' stress vs. 'bad' stress

is the same as talking about 'good' and 'bad' poison.

'Good' poison doesn't exist & neither does 'good' stress.

Move past 'managing or eliminating' stress.

Embrace "preventing" stress altogether.

Yes, it is truly possible to learn & use skills that lead to a stress-free life.

For details go to the "Stress Free Living" information 1-sheet

The Extraordinary REALITY

of CHANGE as an ALLY

We​ don't wear the same clothes everyday

nor eat the same foods at every meal.

That's change.

That's why change is not an enemy.

Change is an ally.

Learn the 7 elements of change

that make it a necessity of living.

Details at "Managing Change" 1-sheet

Before Success

begin with a

  • Dream -      move to a

  • Vision - continuing    with setting

  • Goals -          & with hard work​ achieve



Success is NOT an event or moment in time.

Success is a PROCESS.

We​'ll move from

a dream to a vision, to a goal and

onward to ultimate success.

Along the way we will explore all the components needed:

measurable objectives

wants & needs

desire & means

 timetables, routes & supports.

Details at "Visioning" 1-sheet


Already contacted my Principal. Randall (MS) wants you to present for Teacher University and for

AVID Family Night."

Dr. Lori Beth Bradner

Lithia FL

"Best training this agency has ever offered."

"I can't say how much you and what you share with the world

has changed my life!!!

Amazing presentation this evening!"

Kate Bodey, Olympia WA

"The formulas have been life changing. Explanations clear & easy to apply."

"Marta speaks from a lifetime of personal experience

& education.

She speaks knowledgeably, energetically

& convincingly. She interests people in her topic & is able to move them to action.

I highly recommend Marta as a speaker & workshop leader.

Rev. J. Bradbury Mitchell, Minister Emeritus, Brunswick


"a new, exciting way to see oneself."

"Metaphors, examples, EVERYTHING! Amazing! Would like a full hour professional development with staff."



Tampa FL


What power."

Esteem: Core & Foundation

In all the workshops attended or articles read

did anyone ever define "esteem" or "self esteem"?

Little causes me more frustration than hearing someone talk about "building" esteem.

Think about it. What can be built can be torn down.

Bust the "esteem" building myth.

It's the core of who we are and the foundation of life.

Come learn more.

For details go to the "Esteem: Core & Foundation" information 1-sheet

Trust: a Paradigm Shift

For details go to the "Trust: a Paradigm Shift" information 1-sheet

We all want to trust. At times we need to trust.

Almost everyone I talk to has an issue with "trust".


All too often we experience disappointment in our attempts.


We'll start with a definition and move on to action

 reacquainting you with a

Dynamic Trust Prospective that allows trust to never fail.

"A professional speaker indeed"

I was glued to her the whole program!"



Marblemount WA

Organic Communication

Have you ever had a conversation that goes round & round and ends up nowhere?

Effective Communication is a chain of clarity replication.

There is a way to communicate effectively & clearly that

gets you where you want with what you want.

Learn the 5 simple steps that work.

For details go to the "Organic Communication   " information 1-sheet

Life Enhancing Skills Promoting Wellness

Explore the

definitions, concepts, skills, strategies, techniques & tools that enhance well-being in adults in their

personal & professional lives.

One can't take care of others effectively when

one doesn't take care of them-self.

For details go to the "Life Enhancement Skills" information 1-sheet

Team Strategy is essential no matter the size or type of business or organization.

From the individual entrepreneur/sole proprietor to the association committee

to the largest corporation or religious institutions - 

teams are integral structures when working for a successful outcome.


for Extraordinary SUCCESS


the four components

in creating

productive teams:

  • Definition

  • Success Formula

  • Team Types

  • Team Stage

  • Determine your need for teams &            how to use them effectively.

  • Evaluate the teams you plan to develop &  start off with a solid foundation.

  • Explore your teams that already exist & re-lay the foundations that are not  as solid as they need to be.


Details at "Team Development" 1-sheet


 The best leaders are those who know themselves and 

are able to lead by example.


Examine the elements & tools that allow a leader to:

inform, teach, guide & inspire - including

Definitions, Esteem Recognition, Effective Communication & Self-Care Techniques.


Learn also how to identify & groom potential leaders

& improve the leaders already known.

Details at "Leadership Development" 1-sheet


All who participate -

administration, managers, staff, board members,  & committee members benefit.

"Marvelous communicator...humanistic & humorous."

"Marta is a persuasive, exciting, appealing speaker with a wealth of life and professional knowledge.

Even more importantly, she speaks from the powerful perspective of a person of color. I recommend her wholeheartedly as a speaker & trainer.

Reverend Amanda Aikman


PART 2STRESS FREE HOMES: calendars, coloring & carrots

When they say you can manage or eliminate stress -

it's the same as insuring a home after the fire or the flood.

It's a LOSS: lost of peace of mind, lost time, lost energy.

This workshop benefits parents as they learn to:

  • Schedule effectively

  • compare the benefits of time-in vs. time-outs.

  • Learn effective tools & strategies to divert, entertain & teach.

  • Develop skill in innovative, effective communicative techniques.

You absolutely can create a stress free learning environment! Come learn how.

"Extraordinary Classrooms" Part 2 - Time-in/Respect/Communication


Details at "Extraordinary Family" Seminars 1-sheet


Dynamic Parenting Skills

[bio, grand, foster, adoptive] 

Licenses are required for occupations from

beauticians to morticians, to practice medicine & to wed.

Manuals are provided when we purchase a car, smart t.v. or computer.

Yet, no license is required to parent & the manual for parenting never arrives.


Explore 3 topics to re-parent themselves to become better parents:

 Esteem Recognition               Trust Defined for Power               Organic Communication

Create an effective working manual & be the "professional Parent" you want to be.

"Extraordinary Classrooms" Part 1 - Create an Extraordinary Classroom

"Have another, I'm hungry

for more."

Protecting Children -

Keeping Them Safe

& You Sane

It's never easy to protect children -

from bumps & bruises on the playground, accidents on the road, at the pool.

Even harder to prevent abuse from either outside of the home or on the home front.

Learn a 5-Point Protection Plan they may prevent that abuse & will certainly limit

the hurt & damage if abuse does occur.

Details at "Extraordinary Family Seminars


"A wonderful, thought provoking and inspiring presentation." Worship Committee

UU Congregation,

Lake County, Eustis FL

"I came back early from vacation early for the

2nd half

of training.

I couldn't

miss it."

"Extraordinary Classrooms" Part 3 - Create an Extraordinary Classroom



they're made - not born that way

 Extraordinary, healthy happy families

don't spring out of the cabbage patch

by accident of nature.

They are developed. This session explores:

  • Schedule effectively

  • Enhancing the childhood experience; from coloring to play to wacky

  • Definitions of family & the paradox of relatives

  • Steps & elements that make up & nourish an extraordinary family team

  • How to encourage & support open communication

Create the family you wanted as a child & expected to have as an adult.



Explore the paradigm shifting

 definitions, concepts, skills, strategies, techniques & tools

that enhance the lives of adults allowing

children of all ages to experience healthy childhoods &

grow into superb adults.

Details at "Grow Extraordinary Children 1-sheet


Details at "Extraordinary Classroom" Seminars 1-sheet


Working with Parents

Successful students are the desired outcome

for parents and teachers alike.

Making that happen isn't always as 

smooth a road as we want to travel.

  • Recognizing the value of each person & enhancing self-confidence

  • Definitions & elements of developing a trusting relationship

  • Effective & Organic Communication

Life is easier working with an ally than battling an enemy.​

"Extraordinary Families Part 1 - Dynamic Parenting Skills


STRESS FREE CLASSROOMS - TRC: Time in/Respect/Communication

When they say you can manage or eliminate stress -

it's the same as insuring a house after a fire or flood.

It's a LOSS: Lost peace of mind, lost time, lost energy.

This session benefits: teachers, guidance counselors, school nurses, & administrators.

  • Compare the benefits of time-in vs. time-outs

  • Learn the behaviors of reciprocal respect

  • Develop skill in innovative communication techniques.

You absolutely can create a stress free learning environment! Come Learn how.​

Participants will:

"Extraordinary Families Part  2- Stress Free Homes: calendars, coloring & carrots



they're made - not built that way

Extraordinary classrooms are created;

not built of mortar, whiteboards & books.

This session explores how they are developed:

  • Definitions & elements of an extraordinary classroom

  • Steps to take to develop & nourish the classroom team

  • Enhancing the childhood experience: from coloring to play to wacky

Create the classroom you wanted as a student & expected to have as a teacher.​

"Extraordinary Families" Part 3 - Create Extraordinary Family: they're made - not born that way