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Marta Varee Pearson,  MS    Unitarian Universalist Speaker & Trainer

Marta has spoken to and trained groups ranging from psychologists & social workers to business owners & executives to teachers, school staff & administrators as well as to congregations & conferences, individuals, couples, parents & foster parents throughout New England, in the Midwest and on the West and East Coasts.

"My recovery from childhood sexual, emotional, physical and mental abuse

was a hard fought war against depression, lack of life skills & fear.

Only battles with loneliness, isolation & spiritual disharmony remained to be won.

Those were conquered when I experienced my first UU Celebration of Life Service

& they remain a foundation that allows me to live an Extraordinary Life."

"I passionately want to share that ability with others."

Marta made multiple appearances as a trauma recovery expert on

national and local television and radio programs.

She has been a member of Unitarian Universalist congregations in four states

(Kentucky, Maine, Washington and Florida) during the past 40 years.


"A Black American, I grew up in northern Indiana.

After several years residency in Louisville, Kentucky I attended my first Unitarian Universalist service 

and knew within weeks that I was born a UU in search of a church.

I have been a member of four congregations:

Louisville KY, Brunswick ME, Mount Vernon Washington and Tampa Florida.

I have provided sermons/messages from the pulpit and workshops in my home congregations and in others.

In my home congregations I have at various times served as:

board member, newsletter editor greeter/usher, junior choir director,

and teacher in both children's and adult education programs.

I have also been a chair or member of committees and groups that include:

Minister Search, membership, hospitality, buildings & grounds, finance, fundraising, and stewardship.

After residences in the Mid-West, Boarder-South, New England & the Pacific-Northwest

I have become a permanent resident in Florida.

It is my sincere hope and desire to share my gifts and provide service to your congregation.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve."

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Fees for presentations & workshops are

reasonable and negotiable.

Let's talk.

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I'm excited about the magnificent journey

your congregation & I can take together.



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