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Skills Building to Prevent Domestic Violence

This Domestic Violence prevention program is a modified form

of  Animate Therapy™ Trauma Recovery treatment program.

Fact Sheet

When an individual is unable to function in a healthful manner due to:

1. Poor self-esteem

2. An inability to recognize feelings & instincts

3. Poor decision making ability

4. An inadequate trust system and

5. An inability to form a healthy support system

A chiasm forms which must be filled.

It is often filled by a controlling individual

who resorts to Domestic Violence to maintain control.


In a small 12-week group setting participants will work to

define, learn & practice the personal skills, techniques & tools

to successfully function as an individual maintaining a life free from domestic violence.


In the following areas of work participants will:

  • Develop an awareness of one’s own self worth, esteem & sense of self

  • Learn the importance of taking actions to further their own lives

  • Develop an ability to accept responsibility & avoid feelings of guilt

  • Learn how to set & maintain personal boundaries & limits

  • Identify the different type of control & power available to them

  • Practice decision making & create solutions in their lives

  • Become aware of the differences between fear & anger

  • Learn coping mechanisms to appropriately deal with both fear & anger

  • Develop a system of trust which empowers them

  • Learn new methods of self-care

  • Institute a positive support system


Marta brings 14 years as a trauma recovery therapist & more than 30 years as a

dynamic, entertaining, informative Speaker, Trainer & Coach to presentations.

She has provided training extensively throughout

New England as well as in the Midwest and the West coast.


Comments from Participants in Professional Workshops include

“I came back from vacation early for the 2nd half of this training,

I couldn’t miss it”,

“Best training this agency has ever offered” &

“Marvelous communicator...humanistic & humorous.”   


Marta contributed as a Trauma Recovery expert guest on multiple national television shows.

After residing in the Pacific-Northwest, New England, Border-South & the

Mid-West Marta is now a permanent resident of Tampa Florida.

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