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A detailed guide to the lessons offered as

Elevator segments & workshop modules.

Practice each of the 52 lessons for a week &

end the year as a reclaimed you,

the healthy adult "the child you" was meant to grow up to be.

EXTRAORDINARY LIVING in 52 Lessons          $16.00 + $5 s/h check or money order to:

Training with Marta 7305 N. Center Dr. Tampa FL 33604


Trauma Recovery - Heal & Thrive

An effective, innovative approach to recovery from childhood sexual abuse

in an easily read book. An encompassing look at a wide range of issues surrounding the often over-looked subject of recovery from trauma including why traditional treatment fails.

A detailed review of the Animate Therapeutic Process™ & the Extraordinary Living Principles™ that play a significant role in the recovery process.

Learn the elements that make ATP™ stand out & stand above

other traditional therapeutic modalities.

Explore how behavior modification& extensive psycho-educational lessons provide permanent change.

Using the same principle employed when an individual enters a hospital emergency room bleeding profusely -

ATP™ begins with the present, teaching how to live well in the now before delving into & relieving pain of the past.

ATP™ teaches how to become more than a Survivor.  ATP™ teaches how to Heal, Thrive & Live Extraordinarily!

RECLAIMING EXTRAORDINARY LIVING: Trauma Recovery - Heal & Thrive         $23.00 + $7 s/h check or money order to:

Training with Marta 7305 N. Center Dr. Tampa FL 33604

Living - an Extraordinary Banquet

Explore 16 living experiences: favorite -

books, comfort foods, places of solitude,

friends & mentors, personal quotes, movies, junk food, get-aways, exercise, quotes by others, songs, meals; received help, benefits of privacy, our own giving,

final words of support.

Examples of favorites provided by over 60 contributors.


Then use the space provided to add your own.

Create & record your family's Extraordinary Banquet. 

Living - an Extraordinary Banquet         $25.00 + $7 s/h check or money order to: Training with Marta 7305 N. Center Dr. Tampa FL 33604

Joy Jar


Extreme pleasure surpassing happiness.


Pleasure from an experience.


Equal to a 1st time.


Surprise at receiving as a present a book

you forgot you had even mentioned.

A once a year lobster dinner with

your best friend while on vacation.

Attending a concert of a favorite performer.


Receiving a present.

Dinner with friends.

A new CD or album.

Select a color of sticky note for each category.

Each time you have a joy, a happiness or a new experience

write it on the colored sticky note and put it in your container.

Add momentos that are inportant to you.

On DOWN days during the year take one one or more out, read & re-experience it.


Use all your senses to remember the color, the smell, the sound, the touch, the taste that went with it.

Brighten up your life. You deserve it.

Return them to your container because whn New Year's Eve/Day rolls around it will be

a great time to celebrate by recalling the events from the year.

Life truly can be what we make it;

not only taking what comes our way & making the most of it, making the best of it.

It is also creating opportunities for joy, happiness & new experiences.

We can take the down & resign ourselves to it or twist it around in our favor.

Design Rituals. Choose to Celebrate. Recognize Joy. Make Living Well a priority.

Each Joy Jar comes with pen & sticky note pads.         $12.00 + $5 s/h check or money order to: Training with Marta 7305 N. Center Dr. Tampa FL 33604

Each booklet is 30 pages dedicated to your topic of choice Each is $2.00 + $5 ($1s/h) 2 or more $4 each ($2s/h total)

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