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Our Services will provide the components that allow one to

"Put Life’s Puzzle Pieces in Place"


Seldom will you see Marta behind a podium.

She’d much rather be standing among you while providing “walk-away skills” you will put into immediate practice for life long, positive, on target change.

She won’t

wear a uniform, carry a whistle, stopwatch or clipboard.

She will be your steadfast:

cheerleader, tutor and coach leading you to victory.



When your organization or business

has a problem Marta will help guide you

to a solution that's right for you.

When your Retreat needs a facilitator Marta will plan, coordinate, guide and facilitate your group from inital bud of thought to full bloom.


She may use a microphone and

be behind your podium as she:

motivates, inspires or informs your audience.

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