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A seminar for One & All

& those important in your life.


When they say you can manage or eliminate your stress -

It's the same as insuring your house after a fire or flood.

It's a LOSS:

lost peace of mind, lost time, lost energy.


Would you rather manage stress or prevent it?




into your

business, organization, association, educational or community group

to Learn:

  • A definition for stress & tools for preventing it

  • Simple skills for achieving & maintaining balance

  • The importance of "options thinking"

  • Enhanced decision making skills

  • How to immediately use your new skills


Sponsor this seminar for your community.


"Prevent Stress before it arrives rather than management or elimination after stress arrives.

It is absolutely possible to live stress free!

Learn how."



OPTIONS: speech, half-day or full day seminar

Both the speech & seminar combine humor with touches of seriousness that will leave participants with skills that according to one mother

"even an 8 year old can do".

Participants will put the skills to use as soon as they walk out the door.

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