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  • Providing supportive tools & instruction to navigate day to day life.

  • Steering one in Goal Setting for long term development and life change.

  • Guiding an individual toward accountability for their life decisions. 

  • Encouraging the inherent abilities already present and the development of new.

Explore matters in your personal or professional life.

Life Coaching sessions are available to individuals and to groups.


A STRATEGIST by encylopedic definition is one who is:

  • a person with the responsibilty of formulating and implimenting a strategy which generally involves setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals and mobilizing resources to execute the actions.

  • a person skilled in making plans to achieve a goal.

  • skilled in planning, action or policy.

By which ever definition you use,

Marta has the skill, experience and ability

to lead you toward the utlimates goals and success

that you as an individual, your company or your organization deserves.



"I spoke on stage for the first time at 3 years of age & I'm not stopping now".


Whether your need is for a keynote to open your conference, 

a general session for lunch or a dynamic closing - Marta can set the tone you want.


She will educate, inform, motivate, inspire and entertain on topics as far ranging as

Trauma Recovery to Parenting to Dealing with Angry People.

"Hearing Marta speak on 'Dealing with Angry People'  has allowed me to come from a different perspective in my work. I no longer assume that a person is angry, not just angry but angry at me.

I now look at the issue that's causing their angry outburst and

meet it with compassion instead of meeting force with force.

95% of the time I get a wonderful outcome. 

I wish my co-workers had heard Marta and now knew this skill".

Marta also provides Sermons & Motivation Speeches for Religious Communities.

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